About Wsas91a.com

Welcome to Wsas91a.com!!

Here at wsas91a.com our goal is to bring everyone great Rock N Roll. Rock,
Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Metal.

We play the big hits and the deep cuts from an album.
We will put our playlist up against any station in the world.

We always play 4 or more in a row of the Big Hits and Deep Cuts
with no repeats(unless manually played during a live show) in a 37 hour period.
We will do our best to play any requests we get.

We have over 1700 tunes in rotation and we are always adding tracks to the playlist.
We hope you will give wsas91a.com a try.
If you love Rock N Roll , we believe we have what it takes to be your #1 Rock N Roll station!!

Give wsas91a.com The 60 Minute challenge and you will see we Rock The Most !!!

About Our DJ's & Staff


Now remember when there is no live DJ on Bubba (OWR) will always be playing tunes he doesn't talk much
but he RAWKS !! wsas91a.com rocks 24 7 365 !! Don't be afraid to CRANK IT !!!


What's up gang? Lil bitty intro coming through... I am the GAZ and I am awesome.
If you catch my show you are in for a good time. I am a request queen and I specialize in 90s music
of all genres and classic rock. Stop by, say hi and get the weekend started right!
Pretty soon you too will be saying TGIF - Thank Gaz It's Friday!

Michael Dean

High everyone I'm Michael Dean aka MD. I Love Rock' N Roll!!
I host Throwback Thursday and The Late Nite BaZone. Bringing you Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock,
and when life gets a little tense then you might get MD with N_YO_FACE crankin' out some killa Metal !!
I hope you will let me Rock yo world !!
Oh yeah Don't be afraid to CRANK IT !!!